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Take Action

The Committee On Political Education (COPE) is established to improve public education through involvement in political activities. The Committee on Political Education is financed by contributions from members. 

Legislative battles now going on in Trenton and Washington will determine key aspects of our work environment. Many of the improvements in our environment are not negotiated at the bargaining table, but instead, require legislation.

COPE funds help increase your political voice. Please join COPE today. 


Please contact your state representatives to stop layoffs at Kean. (If you live outside New Jersey, please use the University’s address in the form.) You can use the letter we have created, create your own or edit this one.

Now is the time to stand up for our students and our colleagues by asking our state legislators to intervene to stop potential layoffs of critical academic and student support staff before they happen.

Given recent revelations that our China branch campus is hiring ‘Communist party members preferred’ and is potentially violating federal and state anti-discrimination and civil


Take Action: Make your voice heard


Make your views known to those in Congress and state legislatures who represent you on the issues that affect working families every day.  Visit the AFT's Take Action page.


Despite a lengthy record of mismanagement at home, Kean University became the only public university to establish a branch campus in China in 2012. Kean management now intends to turn the school, and supervision of 100 faculty union members, over to the Chinese government.

Please sign to tell your legislators to join the call for a joint legislative hearing to investigate the agreement Kean management made with China. 


May 6 rally

It is time for us to join together as one community to support Kean students, faculty and staff, who are the bedrock of this community.  

When: Monday, May 6, 3:00 PM
Where:  Kean Hall, Union Township, 1000 Morris Ave., Union

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